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Jeff Hunt, MPS, MDiv Biography

Vice President of Public Policy at Colorado Christian University
Con to the question "Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legal?"

“In the years since [Colorado legalized marijuana], Colorado has seen an increase in marijuana related traffic deaths, poison control calls, and emergency room visits. The marijuana black market has increased in Colorado, not decreased. And, numerous Colorado marijuana regulators have been indicted for corruption…

According to the Colorado Department of Public Safety, arrests in Colorado of black and Latino youth for marijuana possession have increased 58% and 29% respectively after legalization. This means that Black and Latino youth are being arrested more for marijuana possession after it became legal…

The true impact of marijuana on our communities is just starting to be learned. The negative consequences of legalizing recreational marijuana will be felt for generations… We’ve seen the effects in our neighborhoods in Colorado, and this is nothing we wish upon the nation.”

“Marijuana Devastated Colorado, Don’t Legalize It Nationally,”, Aug. 7, 2017

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Vice President of Public Policy, Colorado Christian University, Nov. 2015-present
  • Director, Centennial Institute, Colorado Christian University, Nov. 2015-present
  • Founder and CEO, Avinova Media Group, Sep. 2010-Mar. 2016
  • Director, Colorado Coalitions, Mitt Romney presidential campaign, May 2012-Nov. 2012
  • Special Assistant to Rick Santorum, Jan. 2012-Apr. 2012
  • Director of Operations, The Clapham Group, Jan. 2007-Apr. 2012
  • Media Coordinator, Senate Republican Conference, Aug. 2006-Jan. 2007
  • Small Group Coordinator, Bel Air Presbyterian Church, May 2005-June 2006
  • MPS, Political Management, George Washington University
  • MDiv, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • BA, Religious Studies and Philosophy, Wesmount
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