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David G. Evans, JD Biography

Executive Director of the Drug Free Schools Coalition
Con to the question "Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legal?"

“[L]egalization is really commercialization of marijuana, that is what it is about… just like the tobacco industry, you’re going to market to young people, you’re already doing it. In Colorado, we’ve got Sesame Street characters advertising marijuana, we’ve got Santa Claus, we’ve got Shatter, under the name of Girl Scout Cookie Shatter, those are all things that appeal to kids. In Ohio, you created a little cartoon character called Buddy to promote marijuana legalization just like we had Joe Camel for cigarettes…

It’s harmful to kids. And if it becomes commercialized, even though it’s only sold for people 21 years old, kids are going to get it. In Colorado right now, the leading source of marijuana that kids are getting comes from someone who bought it legally… The kids in Colorado now lead the country in marijuana use…

Marijuana expansion and commercialization is going to increase public costs. Looking at alcohol and tobacco as our guide, for every dollar we get in revenue we pay out ten dollars or more in social costs… [The cannabis industry] is going to make money on marijuana, I’m going to wind up paying the costs.”

Statement at the Great Marijuana Debate (sponsored by, Mar. 3rd, 2016

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Executive Director, Drug Free Schools Coalition
  • Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Special Adviser, Drug Free America Foundation
  • Member, International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy
  • Instructor, Rutgers University Summer School of Alcohol Studies, 1981-1986
  • Instructor, Kean College, 1983
  • Instructor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 1983
  • Former Research Scientist, Division of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, New Jersey Department of Health
  • JD, school unknown
  • Has appeared on C-SPAN, Fox News, CNN, and many other programs
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