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Pro to the question "Should Recreational Marijuana Be Legal?"

“People get high on nature, ‘high on life,’ ‘high on God,’ high on chocolate, coffee, beer, tobacco–even TV, exercise and meditation alter your consciousness. Watching television is the biggest escape from reality of them all. Who gave prohibitionists the power to dictate what everyone else can and cannot do for fun?…

The core issues are personal choice and responsibility. Cannabis consumers are seeking the same respect and fundamental rights as anybody else, which is what they deserve. Neither the Constitution nor the Bible forbids cannabis use. The Bible states point blank that God gave us ‘every seed bearing herb’ to use, and saw that it was good. The Declaration of Independence affirms our right to ‘the pursuit of happiness.’ …The laws against cannabis are an attack against the gifts of God/nature and the rule of law. No matter how you feel about people ‘getting high,’ these other principles are too important to allow government to violate our personal rights.

So if you don’t think people should get high, it is your right to not get high and your right to discourage others to not get high, but that does not give any person or government the right to abuse the rights of people who feel otherwise. And to wage a war on cannabis users while society promotes alcohol and tolerates tobacco is hypocritical and immoral.”

“Debating Marijuana Policy,” (accessed Dec. 28, 2017)


“The goal of the Cannabis Consumers Campaign is to create public policy changes by: 1) dispelling the myths and negative stereotypes that perpetuate marijuana prohibition and all its harsh consequences and 2) providing a more positive and accurate image of adults who consume cannabis. By coming out of the closet, we demonstrate to the general public, the media, and our political leaders that pot smokers are good, responsible, contributing members of society who deserve equal status and treatment before the law and in society as a whole.”

“About Us,” (accessed Jan. 15, 2018)


“It is up to us to advocate for our equal rights. While it is important to come out of the closet by participating in the Cannabis Consumers Campaign, we must also become a visible political constiuency that speaks out for our rightful place in society.”

“Take Action,” (accessed Jan. 15, 2018)

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