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The United States has signed international treaties that prevent us from legalizing marijuana.

Three United Nations treaties set worldwide drug controls. [137][138] As a party to the treaties, the United States has agreed to limit the use of marijuana “exclusively to medical and scientific purposes.” [139] The move by some US states to legalize adult-use marijuana has upset the UN monitoring organization, which stated that legalization “cannot be reconciled with the legal obligation” to uphold the Single Convention treaty. [136]


Legalizing marijuana puts the United States in a position of weakness when we need to hold other nations accountable to legal agreements. [139] “It is a path the United States—with its strong interest in international institutions and the rule of law—should tread with great caution,” wrote Wells Bennett, a Fellow in National Security Law at the Brookings Institution, and John Walsh, Senior Associate at the Washington Office on Latin America. [139]

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