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Legalizing marijuana leads to more marijuana-related medical emergencies.

After retail marijuana stores opened in Colorado, emergency room visits related to marijuana shot up nearly 30% and hospitalizations related to marijuana rose 200%. [78][171][100][102] “The emergency department has seen increased visits for primary care needs, breathing problems related to inhalation of marijuana, including asthma, bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infections, as well as psychiatric needs, accidental or intentional overdoses and, unfortunately, increased pediatric patients with issues related to marijuana,” said Dr. Karen Randall, an emergency room physician in Colorado. [78]


People are used to the idea that a candy bar is a single serving size, but a candy bar with marijuana could have four or more times the recommended dose of THC, depending on the state’s regulations. [104] People end up in the ER with anxiety attacks or psychotic-like symptoms from eating sweets infused with more marijuana than they were expecting–or, in some cases, not expecting at all. [105]


Poison-control marijuana exposure cases for kids ages 9 and under increased more than five-fold in Colorado after legalization. [12] NAS found “increased risk of unintentional cannabis overdose injuries among children” in legal marijuana states. [255] The University of Colorado burn center reported a “substantial increase” in the number of marijuana-related burns after legalization. [161]

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