Top Pro & Con Arguments


Legalizing marijuana hurts businesses by causing preventable accidents and lost productivity.

Workplace incidents involving employees under the influence of marijuana increased from 6% to 20% the year after legalization in Colorado. [134][124] Employees who screened positive for marijuana use had 55% more industrial accidents, 85% more injuries, and absenteeism rates 75% higher than those who tested negative, according to a study done on postal workers. [125][126] Paul L. Bittner, partner and vice chair of the Labor and Employment Group at Ice Miller law firm, said, “You not only lose productivity, but the bigger concern for employers is potential liability if there’s an accident and someone gets hurt or killed.” [122]


Researchers found that using marijuana even just once a week can impact the parts of the brain that are linked to motivation, sometimes in irreversible ways. [165] Long-term marijuana users produce less dopamine, a neurochemical considered crucial to summoning motivation. [166] People who smoked marijuana in the previous year reported less dedication to their jobs than non-marijuana users, according to a study in the journal Addiction. [127]

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