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Legalizing marijuana creates thousands of needed jobs.

There were an estimated 122,814 legal full-time marijuana jobs in the United States as of Jan. 2017. [54] A report from New Frontier Data found that the cannabis industry could create a quarter of a million new jobs by 2020. [55][56][57] An economic impact estimate from the Marijuana Policy Group forecast the creation of more than 130,000 jobs in California following legalization. [15][59] Within a few years of legalization, approximately 18,000 additional full-time jobs were created in Colorado annually, both in the actual marijuana business as well as in related fields such as security and real estate. [15] Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) stated that the cannabis industry in the United States “is expected to produce nearly 300,000 jobs by 2020 and grow to $24 billion by 2025.” [20]

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