Top Pro & Con Arguments


Legalization of marijuana is phasing out black markets and taking money away from drug cartels, organized crime, and street gangs.

Data from the US Border Patrol show that marijuana seizures have decreased by millions of pounds and are at their lowest levels in over a decade, indicating that legal domestic production is decreasing demand for marijuana smuggled in from Mexico. [17][18] A Mexican cannabis farmer told NPR, “If the US continues to legalize pot, they’ll run us into the ground.” [19] According to the ACLU, legalization in Colorado and Washington has cost Mexican drug cartels an estimated $2.7 billion in profits. [21]


Stephen Downing, a retired deputy chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, said, “There’s no question that ending today’s prohibition on drugs — starting with marijuana — would do more to hurt the cartels than any level of law enforcement skill or dedication ever can.” [62] By the year 2020, an estimated 90% of the marijuana market in Colorado will be supplied by licensed and taxed vendors, demonstrating that the black market can be replaced by legal, regulated sales. [15][16][22]

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