Top Pro & Con Arguments


Legal marijuana is regulated for consumer safety.

People buying marijuana on the street have no way of knowing if what they’re ingesting is covered with mold, fungus, pesticides, or other harmful substances. [8][9] Once marijuana is legalized, the government is able to enforce laboratory testing and regulations to ensure that marijuana is free of toxins. [10] For example, Washington law requires health warnings, quality assurance, labeling for the concentration of THC, and other important regulations for consumers. [11]


Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska all passed regulations to prevent kids’ exposure to marijuana, including child-resistant packaging. [12] Legalization allows the government to set age restrictions on buyers and to license and regulate the entire supply chain of marijuana, including growers, distributors, retailers, and testing laboratories. [13] California regulations include limitations on the serving sizes for edible marijuana products, seed-to-sale testing and tracking, and 24-hour video surveillance at retail stores. [14]

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