Top Pro & Con Arguments


Commercialized marijuana will create a “Big Marijuana” industry that exploits people for profit and targets children.

“Big Marijuana” is already using similar tactics to “Big Tobacco,” which marketed cigarettes using ads that appealed to kids, including the Joe Camel cartoon character. [129][149] Marijuana food products that are colorful, sweet, or branded with cartoons are most likely to attract children. [103] Marijuana is available in kid-friendly forms such as gummy bears and lollipops, and products sometimes resemble familiar brands, such as “Buddahfinger” or “KeefKat” in wrappers that look like a Butterfinger or KitKat candy bar. [167][134]


Mark A. R. Kleiman, a drug policy expert, said, “[I]f you’re in the [for-profit] cannabis business, casual users aren’t much use to you while heavy users are your best customers, accounting for the bulk of your sales… the commercial interest demands maximizing problem use.” [147] Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, senior economist at RAND Corporation, said heavy marijuana users account for the “vast majority of the total amount sold and/or consumed.” [148]

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